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Filmolux PP - SAND (R9) Textured Laminate PVC Free

Environmentally Friendly

FILMOLUX PP SAND - Environmentally friendly Textured Laminate



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Designed for laminating film for photos, digital prints, etc.
Floor Graphic film (R9 slip-resistance certified by IFA)
Due to the special surface ideal for panel production, for instance Pop Up, Banner Displays and Mousepads
For universal indoor and outdoor application

Product Features

140 µm polypropylene, transparent, fine sand structure, scratch-resistant
environmentally friendly because PVC-free
dimensionally stable
fire certification M1
for indoor use
for universal application
environmentally friendly waterbased adhesive
recommended for panel production
suitable for various with UV-curable inks printed media
3-inch core, film inside

Product Structure

 – carrier: 140 µm polypropylene
– adhesive: waterbased polyacrylate, permanent
– backing: one-sided siliconised glassine paper, 62 g/m²